About the company

DENCKERMANN is a producer and distributor of high quality parts for cars. We are cooperating with numerous known customers from around the world. Our Logistics Central for Europe with 14 400 cubic meters of storage area and over 7000 pallet places, as well as company’s HQ is placed in Warsaw. We offer a wide variety of products, such as: filters (air, fuel, oil, cabin), water pumps, braking system parts (pads, discs, shoes, drums, sensors), bearings and hubs, dampers, valvetrain parts, suspension and steering parts: swingarms, pivot pins, silentblocks, stabilizer connectors, ends of steering rods, steering rods.

We provide complex solutions for automotive industry.

Denckermann focuses on dynamic expansion of product offer and building high brand awareness. Which is why one of the most important areas is providing the best quality relationships with trade partners on polish and foreign markets. Our activities are based on full professionalism, experience and achievements on local and international markets. For our customers, we offer support in the form of wide spectrum of marketing activities and numerous training sessions enhancing knowledge level of our brand and products.