How to serach for parts?

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1. Searching for parts by their usage in vehicle

Searching for parts by Usage in vehicle allows for finding replacement parts for given vehicle quickly and precisely. Thanks to connection between Integra WebShop eCommerce 2017 with replacement parts catalog – TecDoc, user gains access to parts’ technical parameters, photos, data about their usage in cars and information of connected numbers of original parts (OEM).

Searching by Usage in vehicle vehicle is available in Integra WebShop eCommerce 2017 from main page browser by providing car’s description and from window containing logotypes of most popular car producers. No matter the chosen way of finding parts, user always receives the same data in form of a list, compatible with chosen vehicle.

1.1 Searching for parts by vehicle

Feature allowing for searching for parts by Vehicle choice allows for finding replacement parts for given vehicle quickly and precisely thanks to adaptation of TecDoc catalog data.

Searching for parts by vehicle in Integra Webshop eCommerce 2017 is available from browser window on portal’s main page. In browsing area user can enter car’s mark, year of production, model and version. After typing first few letters in input field, the portal actively provides user with fitting choice options – feature which results in reduction of spent time.

While choosing car type there is an option allowing for selecting engine type (gas or diesel) by fuel type. Another way of selecting car can be executed by providing car’s description in search field placed under main browser. Giving vehicle’s short specification, for example “VW Golf V” we receive a list with cars matching the name.

After providing car’s description and selecting “Search”, we are provided with a result – a list of each of the brake system parts group. By selecting chosen group from the list we move to filtered list of articles.

On articles’ list we receive data about each specific part (producer, catalog number, basic technical parameters), its’ photo, price and availability in the stock. Additionally, hovering with mouse cursor over the photo’s thumbnail we are provided with enlargened parts’ photo.

From list’s view we can also add parts to the order – after optional selecting of number of parts (default 1 item) and choosing Add to cart the article is automatically added to the order.

2. Article view

From articles’ list view we can access article view by selecting the chosen part’s name. Here we can find detailed information regarding price, availability, catalog numbers, OEM, etc.

From this view we can also add specified number of parts to the cart. 

In the lower area of article’s view we are presented with thorough description, part’s usage in cars, replacement data, TecDoc references, OEM numbers and customers’ opinions.